Today people use smart phones, mobiles, ipad, notepad, and tablets more than computers and laptops. So your website should be automatically adjustable to screen size and device. Vintage IT India (VIT) developer team use responsive web designing method to develop your website which allows replicating size of content without reducing it for smaller screen.

Benefits of Responsive Website Design

  • Your websites are compatible with desktops, tablets, mobile, notebooks, laptops and with fast changing technology.
  • No need to maintain multiple websites for same purpose.
  • No multiple or duplicate domain. All your contents on one site give better SEO result.
  • Give user the best experience and help in generating more leads.
  • Single website helps in saving money and reaches more potential customers.

Our Website Design and Development Services

Flash Animation Website Design

Flash Website Designing & Scripting

We develops dynamic Flash Website Development; Flash Action Script Programming, Database Driven Flash Websites, CMS with Flash, Flash Games, etc for various projects on flash games, presentations, flashchat, screensaver, banners and movies.

PHP Website Design & Development

PHP Website Design & Development

We develops PHP an object oriented programming language that runs on Linux and Unix servers. It is an Open Source CMS platform that is designed for publishing content on the Internet and intranets.

WordPress Website Design & Development

WordPress Website Design & Development

We design and develops customize wordpress website to include blogs, photos and other information useful for your audience or helps in promoting your brand.

Joomla Website Development Company

Joomla Website Design & Development

Joomla is an open source platform for Web sites which can connect your site to database like MySQLi, or PostgreSQL in order to make content management. It is a build on the model of MVC which allows users to extend its functionality and customize it to their own objectives.

Magento E-Commerce Website Development

Magento E-Commerce Design & Development

Magento is flexible, robust and scalable for e-commerce projects. We provide design, development and marketing help to sell clients products online.

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