​Digital Marketing Plan for India Business to make Digital India

Why digital business or business at internet is important?

  • Smart phones converted people to use internet at phone and search services and products at internet easily.
  • Low internet costing at phone and home/office turned people’s choice towards search engine to find good services and products.
  • You will miss customers who rely on search engines like Google, to find services and products aka your business.

  • What all we do for you to make your business available on the internet to make it digital business?

    Creative Web Design

    ​​Website domain registration (www.vntgit.com)

    We choose a unique domain name that fits your business. We register your domain name and get secure hosting. The domain name that is simple and easy helps your clients to remember and expand your brand.

    Website Development

    ​Website hosting

    We are the partner of Godaddy and deliver enterprise grade hosting solutions for your business. We provide services 24X7 for migrating risks and enhancing the Speed of host platform to deliver over 99.9% uptime.

    Creative Web Design

    Website content writing

    Our website content writer write contents that appeals the interests of visitors. They use keywords in such a brilliant way that traffic your website without any hindrances in content flow.

    Creative Web Design

    Website designing

    Our experienced website designers create unique and stunning website looks to fetch customers. We deliver you interactive and innovative website layout of upto 10 pages keeping in mind the target audience.

    Creative Web Design

    Website maintenance

    We maintain your website to keep them fresh and updated so you don’t lose conversions with a broken or vulnerable website. By partnering with us, you will get more out of your web asset creation investment.

    Creative Web Design

    Email solution

    We provide your business a professional look with email @ your domain name (i.e. sales@nvgit.com). We provide reliable and trusted email solution with 10MB storage and built in Anti SPAM and antivirus. We provide upto 3 email ids at your domain.

    Creative Web Design

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    SEO is services to rank your business at top position through your services keywords to get more customers reach your website aka business. It includes technical as well as creative elements to improve rankings, and drive traffic via search engines.

    Creative Web Design

    Website optimization

    Search engine optimization is a technique which increases visibility of your website by ranking it higher than million of other sites. It results in response to a search query of an audience.

    Creative Web Design

    Keywords selection

    We focus on your business keywords most likely to be used to easily identify and search relevant references and filter-out from the large body of unwanted. Right keywords break your website and rank it on high position.

    Creative Web Design

    Search engine marketing and ranking

    Search Engine Marketing is the art of driving more and better qualified traffic through search engines. It is a successful digital marketing campaign to achieve maximum ranking.

    Creative Web Design

    Local search engine optimization

    Our Local Search Engine Optimization strategy for your business can take you to higher rank on Google Map. The higher rank on Google map can help more number of customers to reach at your business door or get your business address and location, it helps person to take direction of your business address to locate you and reach to you.

    Creative Web Design

    Business directories

    Business directories are categorized by business, location, activity, or size. We help you list your business at top online business directories to promote your business and get more customers from there as customers search business directories such as ‘yellow pages directory’.

    Creative Web Design


    We send weekly keyword ranking reports to measure of your business success and show where your business in ranking in search engine (google).

    Creative Web Design

    Technical supports

    Our specialist teams provide you the technical support to maintain your website.

    *we deal in advance monthly billing

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