Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a form of internet marketing help in branding your company and having two way conversations between you and your customer. Vintage IT India (VIT) help you to increase your clients organically as well as by paid advertisement.

Our social media helps to drive visitors to your site by building a robust Social Media Plan. We search the keywords in the content that will be accessible by audience and search engine.

How our Social Media Marketing team helps you?

  • Planning and Navigating:- We help in developing Social Media marketing strategy to meet your end goal. We outline opportunities and prescribe specific action that will target your audience. We help you in navigating the complex map of social media to ensure future development and communication.
  • Selection of Software:- We help you in selecting tools to track performance, opportunities and management according to your budget and need.
  • Cross Channel Promotion:- Our team analyzes in depth that your message reaches to your audience. We ensure the presence of your site on the various social networks and provide a strategy to improve it.
  • Widget analyzes strategy:- We analyze your competitor and market and then identify the widget that may work for your website campaign.
  • Blog Designing and Development:- Blog helps you to share your information and content with readers. We design blog which is attractive and accessible by user as well as search engine. We help you to create a blog strategy to build awareness of your brand.
  • Social media Advertisement:- Social ads can improve your presence and generate potential customers. It helps you to build trust and reliability. It helps you in sharing and gaining followers and fans. It can be promoted through Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube, Instagram or Pinterest content.
  • Reporting and Analyzing:- We analyze the recording and report you as your requirement of visitors, number of times your advertisement being clicked, liking and sharing and much more.